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Have you ever wanted a treatment that actually WORKS for bites and stings ?
You have come to the right place to find the best product on the market today that relieves the sting and bite issues we all face when we encounter these pesky things!

Total Relief by Mitigator® immediately and permanently relieves harmful effects of insect stings and bites without harsh chemicals. Insect toxins can create an overwhelming urge to dig bacteria-laden fingernails into the traumatized area. Total Relief’s unique, granulated formula

“I use it regularly on my kids and my grand kids. Total Relief by Mitigator® instantly stops the burning and I can finally take their pain away! It’s great to be able to help them. You will noyt go wrong with a purchase of “Total Relief”” – Mary M…..

The best solution for stings and bites available today. From Bees and Wasps to the Jelly Fish and everything in between. Total Relief by Mitigator helps with the pain of the pests we all hate.. Get some today and join the military in using the most reliable product on the market for pain relief.

Total Pain Relief

Purchasing the NEW Total Relief for Mitigator is easy.
12 and 24 Pack of 1/8 oz
12 and 24 Pack of 1/2 oz
International Shipping must inquire before purchase
Wholesale for Large Quantity Orders may be available
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Join the Military in using the BEST sting and bite scrub on the market today.. Total Relief by Mitigator


I am writing this testimonial in regards to the Total Relief product. It has proven to be the only bug bite medication to provide immediate relief for my children. My family and I live in Florida and as you well know constantly fight ants and mosquitoes. My children have always has severe local reactions to bug bites of any kind and had to rely on topical products for relief. At one point when my daughter was two she was admitted to the hospital for what we thought may have been flesh eating bacteria
I have never written a letter back to the manufacturer of a product expressing my satisfaction, but I feel compelled to let you know what a great product I think Total Relief is. A friend of mine gave me samples of your product 2 years ago; it sat unused until my wife and daughter had been stung by bees last summer. My daughter Maddie was 9 at the time, playing in the pool and was stung by a wasp that had landed on her arm. I took Maddie in the house and I reached up on the kitchen cupboard shelf where we keep the basket with the medicine - Read More
You people are GOD sends! Your product is a miracle in a small package!! My husband, myself and friends went camping at a local State Park recreational facility. Unfortunately it is located in an area surrounded by a lake one one side and a huge swamp area in the back and throughout the Park. During our camping trip I was bit by God knows how many yellow biting flies. I had used Off insect repellent with Deet and Avon skin so soft (also a repellent for biting insects) and Back woods extreme insect repellent! NOTHING WORKED!
Our fire ant field technicians come into contact everyday with these painful ants. We purchased Total Relief for each technician and I hear positive reports everyday on how the product relieves the pain associated with fire ant stings.
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