|   Can Mitigator® be used on my face?

Yes, but do not use Mitigator® on or near your eyes.

  |   Can Mitigator® Sting and Bite Scrub be used on spider bites?

Yes, treat immediately with Mitigator® as directed and then seek medical advice.

  |   Does Mitigator® work for bee and wasp stings?

Yes! Mitigator® works great on most all insect stings and bites. For bee stings, be sure to remove the stinger first by brushing off with a credit card or firm piece of paper.

Depending on your body’s reaction to insect stings pain will be eliminated or significantly lessened. You may still experience some swelling and some continued trauma depending on how deeply the stinger penetrated and which species of bee or wasp attacked you. If you are prone to severe allergic reactions from any insect venom, you should ALWAYS seek medical aid or advice from a Physician.

  |   How do I use Mitigator®?

For best results apply Mitigator® liberally immediately following the sting or bite. Rub vigorously until itching or pain stops. Leave paste on for about 10 minutes then brush or wash off if desired. Re-apply if necessary.