How It works

Bite and Sting Treatment by the Mitigator®

How it Works – Mitigator® is a Sting and Itch Scrub  Like No Other

Mitigator® immediately and permanently relieves harmful effects of insect stings and bites without harsh chemicals.

  • Insect toxins and venom can create an overwhelming urge to dig bacteria-laden fingernails into the traumatized area.
  • Mitigator’s® unique, granulated formula allows the sufferer to participate in the treatment, while safely mitigating the dangerous impulse to scratch.
  • Scrubbing with Mitigator’s® topical antiseptic ingredients helps to eliminate the possibility of secondary infections and scarring that may occur because of scratching.
  • Circulation created by scrubbing effectively forces toxins from just below the outer skin layer, or epidermis, back to the surface, where Mitigator® can neutralize them. In cases in which the victim has already scratched, treating with Mitigator® as soon as possible will help cleanse the area of any bacteria.

The Problem with Ineffective Substitutes

  • Until now, the bites of mosquitoes and sand flies, etc. have been treated with “temporary relief” potions. Bee, wasp, jellyfish and red imported fire ant stings were soaked with concoctions that only numbed pain with chemicals like ammonia. 
  • Many newer products merely address symptoms like pain, itching and swelling by masking the pain ony for a short period. They also provide temporary “relief” with chemicals such as benzocaine, cortisone, menthol and camphor.

Mitigator® Advantages

  • Mitigator® can completely prevent onset of symptoms from the stings and bites of most insects, symptoms like itching and residual pain.
  • Mitigator’s® ingredients include topical antiseptics and cleansing agents, in combination with elements that soften and draw on the open pores to continue extracting toxins. Walnut shells exfoliate the epidermis of the affected area. Sodium Bicarbonate then draws on pores, extracting toxins and irritants.
  • Mitigator’s® extracting agents continue to work as the paste remains on the skin, drying quickly. Crushed walnut granules brush off easily, leaving no trace of the usual symptoms such as pain, itching, skin flare, or other trauma.
  • Mitigator’s® formulation is pleasant, odorless, earthen-colored and easy to use. Its durable pliable and re-seal able pouch is simple to store in any type of health pack and treats as many as twenty individual bites