To Whom It May Concern: I am writing this testimonial in regards to the Total Relief product. It has proven to be the only bug bite medication to provide immediate relief for my children. My family and I live in Florida and as you well know constantly fight ants and mosquitoes. My children have always has severe local reactions to bug bites of any kind and had to rely on topical products for relief. At one point when my daughter was two she was admitted to the hospital for what we thought may have been flesh eating bacteria. It started out simple enough with one single mosquito bite on her thigh. It began to swell and become inflamed over the next few days. We went to see the doctor and was given a prescription topical cr=E8me. That evening I drew a line around the infection to determine if the infection was continuing to spread up her leg. The next morning my husband took my daughter back to the doctor and she was admitted into the hospital. To make a long story short, she had scratched the bug bite and somehow had picked up the strep virus her brother had weeks earlier. The virus got in through the bug bite and ran wild in her system. Oh how I wish we had heard about Total Relief back then. My sister actually ran across this product by word of mouth and purchased tubes for our entire family. We all seem to be sensitive to any type of bite. It was amazing, the immediate relief that comes after the scrub is put on the bite. I have actually used the product on myself and it takes the sting out and reduces the amount of time the bite remains. Typically for my children, a mosquito bite will take 6-9 days to go away, with Total Relief it is gone in a few days without the constant need to itch. Perhaps if we had used Total Relief on my daughter, she may not have had to go through the hospital incident. I firmly believe that the product would have prevented her from scratching the bite, stopping the secondary infection. I can't say enough about this product! We don't even reach for any other type of topical bug bite medicine now, Total Relief is the only thing we use. The only complaint I have is that I can't find it in my local drug stores. I feel that if it was made available in the local stores more families would benefit by trying the product.
Jenni Layman
To Whom It May Concern: I have never written a letter back to the manufacturer of a product expressing my satisfaction, but I feel compelled to let you know what a great product I think Total Relief is. A friend of mine gave me samples of your product 2 years ago; it sat unused until my wife and daughter had been stung by bees last summer. My daughter Maddie was 9 at the time, playing in the pool and was stung by a wasp that had landed on her arm. I took Maddie in the house and I reached up on the kitchen cupboard shelf where we keep the basket with the medicine - looking for the Benadryl, the usual response for me - both in the home and in the hospital (I'm an Emergency Medicine physician - an "ER" doc). Anyway, I ran across the Total Relief package in the drug basket, read the instructions and applied the product after I had given the Benadryl. With the rubbing of the product into the site of the bite - pain was diminished then absent and she resumed playing. This whole scenario was repeated later in the summer with another bee sting to my daughter's hand. This time I just applied the Total Relief paste, didn't bother with the Benadryl because I believed that the Total Relief prep was totally responsible for my daughter's previous improvement. Again the stinger was removed from the site, the directions followed. She went back to playing without problems. I had used it on my wife when she had been stung by 3 bees. I applied the preparation to all sites and she had similar good results - she is an emergency medicine physician as well and has been similarly impressed with your product. Obviously there exists classes of people (patients) that present much more severely after being bitten by bees, with extreme hypersensitivity - angioedema - and these bee sting allergy patients need to be treated swiftly and appropriately in the emergency department to prevent shock or respiratory failure with this response. However, for the majority of the population this product represents a perfect form of treatment for several reasons. First - the application of the product to site of the envenomation (bite) allow for immediate treatment of the problem instead of waiting for an oral medicine to be ingested, absorbed and disseminated thru the bloodstream. Second - with the absorption of the medicine, often an antihistamine, the undesirable side effect of drowsiness occurs - my daughter could return to her activities, an adult go back to work. Third, I think the application of the Total Relief preparation that allows for penetration of its agents potentiates dispersal of the toxin injected by the bee and this may lessen the severity of the bite. In addition, there is a physiological phenomenon known as "gating" where diffuse stimuli by rubbing the skin in adjacent areas decreases the perception of pain by overwhelming central neurological processing. Local treatment - to the bite site and nothing more - makes the most sense. For patients with uncomplicated stings and no history of serious reaction Total Relief is a great product. Although I'm hoping we have a better summer - no bee stings and I don't have to use it - it's nice to have on hand.
Douglas J. Wheaton, M.D
We were all severely stung by jellyfish while vacationing in Mexico. Thankfully, we had taken Total Relief with us. Total Relief saved our vacation!
Our fire ant field technicians come into contact everyday with these painful ants. We purchased Total Relief for each technician and I hear positive reports everyday on how the product relieves the pain associated with fire ant stings.
You people are GOD sends! Your product is a miracle in a small package!! My husband, myself and friends went camping at a local State Park recreational facility. Unfortunately it is located in an area surrounded by a lake one one side and a huge swamp area in the back and throughout the Park. During our camping trip I was bit by God knows how many yellow biting flies. I had used Off insect repellent with Deet and Avon skin so soft (also a repellent for biting insects) and Back woods extreme insect repellent! NOTHING WORKED! They still bit me all over my legs, feet and thighs. When I got home, I tried Chiggers medicated ointment ( with Benzocaine), Solarcane medicated spray for burns and stings, Bactine original first aide Liquid ( with Lidocaine and Benzallonium), and Medic Hydrocortisone cream 1%. NONE OF THESE WORKED! I went back to the store in search of ANYTHING that would help stop the itch. On an end cap display I found your product and threw it in the basket along with 3 more products that claimed they would stop the itch and pain. WEll, I am here to tell you after one treatment with your product the itch etc had decreased by about 70%!! After waiting a few minutes and applying the product yet again... the itch was GONE! UNBELIEVABLE! I spent a small fortune trying 6 different products and yours is the only one that worked! I wish I had 3 more tubes of the product to keep on hand because, I also suffer the same type of reaction to red ants! SO AGAIN.... THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS. Finally after 24 exhausting hours of constant itch etc, I can now get some sleep without the urge to scratch the skin off my legs, feet and thighs! "This is absolutely the best product on the market!! Before I found Total Relief, every sting and bite became a running sore with the resulting scar. Finally ~ an inexpensive product product that really works!!" "I have ordered Total Relief twice before and wouldn't think of going on vacation without it. It has made the countless mosquito bites I always get bearable. If applied immediately, the bites really disappear! I'll look for Total Relief on the drugstore.com site next week.
Thanks for the referral!" -Wendi
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