Military Purchasing

Mitigator® and Military Purchasing

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Marine Corps Exchange, Parris Island
Each Marine recruit must purchase at least one packet of Mitigator® Sting and Bite Scrub upon arrival at boot camp.

Marine Corps Exchange, Quantico
Each Marine officer candidate must purchase a minimum of one packet of Mitigator® Sting and Bite Scrub upon arrival at officer candidate school.

United States Army
USAMA requires that every sick call set contain a supply of Mitigator® Sting and Bite Scrub. Many Army hospitals have ordered Mitigator®.

United States Navy
The newly created Riverine force has purchased Mitigator® Sting and Bite Scrub for each boat. 
A number of Navy Seal units are using Mitigator®.
Some Navy submarines have been equipped with Mitigator®.

Other Military and Government users

  • Irwin Army Community Hospital
  • Reynolds Army Community Hospital
  • Department of Agriculture, Palmetto, Tampa,Avon Park, FL
  • Department of Health and Human Services
  • McAlester Army Ammo Plant
  • Ireland Army Community Hospital
  • Evans Army Community Hospital
  • Defense Supply Center, Philadelphia
  • Bayne Jones Army Hospital
  • Naval Special Warfare Command
  • Brook Army Community Hospital
  • William Beaumont Army Medical Center
  • Medical Supply Office, Ft. Riley
  • Department of Interior, Cape Hatteras

Military Orders/Inquiries ( Click Here )